PL-10 is an open-source, simple, and customizable audio streaming server and website designed for smaller labels, artists, hobbyists, and projects. It provides an opportunity for learning and exploration in the fields of web and audio applications.

For Artists

Setting up and hosting your own audio streaming website with PL-10 can be achieved in just a few minutes. Simply drop your audio files into a designated folder and PL-10 will handle the rest, including reading the metadata and streaming the audio. The software is easy to use, but support is available from the PL-10 community.

For Engineers

If you have experience setting up hostnames and running software, getting started with PL-10 is a breeze. The software reads the metadata from your audio files, creates a track listing, and handles the audio streaming, leaving you in control of your audio player.
PL-10 was designed with web development in mind and provides an opportunity for learning and exploration in this field. The code is straightforward and well-commented, so you should be able to understand the functions and how everything fits together with just a little reading. If you are looking for a framework, it is simple to strip out the pre-existing styles and layouts, or even the view engine, and add your own while still taking advantage of the server boilerplate code.

Technical Details

The front-end of PL-10 uses SCSS for styling, EJS for view templates, and Express for the back end. The code is straightforward and well-commented, making it suitable for both new and experienced web developers. The framework is simple and can be easily modified to suit individual needs.

There is still room for PL-10 to improve to better serve artists, engineers, and other audio explorers. As PL-10 is open source software, it is currently open to contribution.

Supported Audio File Types

PL-10 supports several audio file types, including MP3, MP4, AAC, and OGG. It is best to stick with the most commonly supported format (MP3) due to variations in audio support among web browsers. However, the server settings can be adjusted to support additional file types.

Get PL-10

PL-10 can be cloned from GitHub and comes with instructions in the README file. As an open-source project, PL-10 is open to contributions and has room for improvement to better serve artists, engineers, and audio explorers.


Please note that PL-10 is currently in beta and may contain some bugs. If you encounter any issues, search for an existing ticket or open a new one on Github.

Terms of Use & License Information

The PL-10 software is released under a permissive license that allows for free use by artists, students, educational projects, personal projects, audio experimentation, and other non-commercial purposes. Additionally, the software may be used for free to promote music by artists directly.

For commercial applications, such as use by recording labels to promote their artists, promotional companies or marketing use, redistribution for sale even if modified, or incorporating into another commercial project, permission is required. To obtain permission, please contact

Note that while permission may not require a fee in the case of commercial use, the code must still be modified and redistributed with attribution if used otherwise.

View the full license text (Modified MIT)